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Goodbye tumblr! See u in 8.5 weeks

Thanks guys for all ur kind wishes :)

Waiting, waiting

I’m at the hotel now, been here since 1pm. Waiting to check in at 4pm. Still have an hour left.

I hope I can get some sleep tonight.

Wish me luck!

Spending the whole day with family tomorrow.

Then come Monday, I’m off to the hotel. Then Lackland AFB bound by Tuesday!

I wish I could take my Airmen followers with me at BMT, pocket Airmen! They’ll know what to do.

BTW, I’m not feeling any emotion right now. I’m not even anxious, nervous, sad, nor happy. It’s like nothing. I think it’ll hit me when I go to MEPS.


  1. If your heart is not set into signing up 6 years, DON’T DO IT!. I have a lot of friends in the Air Force who signed up for 6 years and now REGRETTING that decision. Be wise on making decision like this. :) Goodluck!
  2. Do 4, its takes forever to make SrA anyways, everything inbetween is unimportant. Also cross-training, let alone re-enlisting isnt a guarantee with the force shaping. What AFSC?

I don’t know which job yet, I booked open electronics. Major reason why I dont want to sign up for six years, I dont even know which job I’ll be “stuck” with. 

I just had a little doubt when my recruiter was telling me about the AF downsizing but thank you for your inputs, I am definitely sticking with four years!

Going for six years only really affects you if you are going active duty. You get A1C faster unless you already have come college under your belt. Besides if you don’t like your job after around half of your contract, you can cross train.

Yes, I’m getting A1C when I graduate from BMT.

That’s exactly what I said but my recruiter replied “What if the AF doesnt need you then and wont allow you to cross train because the AF is downsizing right now?”


I met up with my recruiter today and I just filled out the usual briefing form. Her boss was there and I got to meet her. She seemed very nice and I got to chat with her for a little bit. She said she got “spoiled” at BMT (19 years ago) compare to the BMT now. 

My recruiter was also making me reconsider my four-year contract. She said the AF is downsizing right now and I might want to consider taking the six-year contract… for job security in the future.

I couldnt tell if she was being concerned or was just saying that because her boss was right there in front of us.

I’ll be asked again at MEPS. I think I’ll stick with four years for now. At least I’d be able to get out or reenlist after four years “in case” I get a job I dont love… or love. If the AF let me go and can’t renew my contract after my four years, then be it.

Everything happens for a reason.

airbornebaby replied to your post: Today’s agenda
I’d start packing very soon. Don’t wanna be in a rush and all that last minute pressure before you leave! &good luck at Basic:)

LOL I know! I dont really have an excuse as to why I havent started so I really should just do it. I have packed most of the things I’ll be bringing, they’re in the duffel bag and I just need to pick up a few items and I’ll be set.

I haven’t packed my room, that’s what I meant. Nothing’s in a box yet. I dont think I have a lot of items so maybe I can get away with it until I get back and do RAP? hehehe, but I wont do that, I’ll finish everything by Friday.


Today’s agenda

Meeting my recruiter in a bit. I dont know if this is the last briefing I’ll have until I ship out.

I still get a bit nervous going into the recruiter’s office for no particular reason.

After my briefing, I’ll get ready for my sister’s HS graduation. 

That is all.

MAYBE, just maybe… I’ll even start packing tonight. Five more days and I haven’t started.

takeprideinprovision-deactivate asked
Q: Oh dang, you're so close to BMT! Good luck!<3

Yup! Exactly one more week!!!

Thank you <3 :D

I almost died today.

I ran past (or over) this snake without knowing. My sister noticed it as she jumped over it, she thought it was a stick and almost had a heart attack when she realized what it was.

#byebyetrail #itwasniceknowingyou

Well, you know… just drinking the outer space using my Air Force bottle.

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Feels great just to lay in bed and watch movies. No cuddle buddy required… But it would be nice. Have a safe Air Force memorial day weekend! (Taken with instagram)

there’s bathrooms and showers there…a group of people will be assigned to clean them up at the end of the day though….MRE’s most of the week except for dinner. you’ll still get mail and everything while you’re there as well

OMG, thank goodness!!! That sounds more like a SPA compare to what I was imagining with the manmade mountain and porta potties. Thank you!

BEAST week is tough enough, Im glad I wont have to worry about poor sanitation that much.

Thanks again. :D 




LOL, I’m a bit of a germaphobe so I dont think I can last that long w/o showering…  after being out in the sun all day, running/crawling around. I’ll be first in line to shower every chance I get. I’m not a high maintenance gal but I like being clean. :D

lol no porta potties…that would’ve pissed me off with the people I was with man

Really?!?! What is the “arrangement” then when we’re out there? I’m holding in my joy, in case the alternative is worse.